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Building Specification

Slab to Slab Height
Typical floor benefit from a 4 m (approx. 13'-0'') height

Finished Floor to Ceiling Height
Typical floor 3.325 m (approx. 11'-0'') from floor to exposed ceiling

Structural Grid
Typically 9 m x 9 m (approx. 30' x 30') structural grid
1.5m (approx. 5')  module on the exterior wall

Floor Loadings
Reinforced concrete construction flat slab with drop panels following at 9 m x 9 m grid

Floor loading design:
-Ground floor 100 lbs + 25 lbs per square foot
-Typical floor 100 lbs + 10 lbs per square foot

Raised Floors
450 mm (18") overall depth including floor finishes for HVAC, electrical and data distribution

Distribution by raised floors

500 Lux (average) at desk level in open landscape environment

Life Safety and Security
24 hour security-electronically controlled access

Passenger: 12 cabins in 2 banks for the tower
Freight: 1 service-freight elevator reaching all the floors


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Stacking Plan

633,963 square feet (58,895 m²)

14th-20th Floors
31,109 square feet (2,890 m²)

8th-13th Floors
30,506 square feet (2,834 m²)

6th-7th Floors
34,316 square feet (3,188 m²)

2nd-5th Floors
32,519 square feet (3,021 m²)

Ground Floor
34,456 square feet (3,201 m²)

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Typical Floor Plan

Typical Floor - Upper Levels
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Typical Floor - Lower Levels
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Site Plan
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